Energy Meter Tester (3.3)

Energy Meter Tester (3.3) is designed to generate three or single-phase system of current/voltage signals according to a user-specified signal model. Energy Meter Tester has harmonic range from 0th to 50th. Our Energy Meter Tester is widely acknowledged for providing accurate results and flawless functionality.
Sphere of applications :

  • Testing of instruments that measure active, reactive and apparent power and energy (including meters);
  • Testing of instruments that measure power quality parameters as defined by IEC 61000-4-30;
  • Testing of instruments that measure RMS of currents and voltages within commercial frequency range

Features :

  • Harmonic Range : from 0th to 50th
  • Library of standard waveforms (at least 200 profiles) is maintained as a tool for imitation of typical AC distortions in electric networks resulting from consumer loads of different types.



Output Setting Range, by phase:

Voltage, V


Current, À


1st harmonic frequency, Hz


Phase; Phase angle between 1st and nth voltage harmonics of the same phase; Phase angle between 1st and nth current harmonics of the same phase, Angular degrees


Harmonic composition, of the signal


Power instability (during 1 minute or less ), %


Power output of:
current source, V.A


voltage source, V.A



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