Contact Resistance Meter

The Contact Resistance Meter is a micro-ohm meter with 100 Amp DC max and 200 Amp DC max models. The Contact Resistance Meter measures contact resistance of high voltage contact joint or circuit breaker with high current. Working with the IEC-specified minimum of 100 Amperes, the circuit breaker meter employs constant current source. The test is based on four terminal measurement methods to eliminate test cable resistance effect, and the Contact Resistance Meter has a large LCD display displaying test current value and measured resistance value. The Contact Resistance Meter also has an internal printer and the results can be saved to PC through USB, with the high temperature alarm ensuring equipment safety.


Specifications :

  • Test current : 50 A or 100 A dc ( model for 100 A)50A/100A/150A/200A dc ( model for 200A)
  • Resistance range : 1-39999.9µ/ 1-19999.9μ( 50 A/100A)
  • Accuracy : 0.5% ± 0.5 μ„
  • Maximum output voltage : 5v
  • Power : AC 220V± 10%
  • Frequency : 50 hz
  • Operating temperature :-20oC- 40oC
  • Relative humidity : ≤ 80%rh, no condensing
  • Weight : 8 kg( 100 A version) . 10 kg( 200A version)

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