Energy Meter Calibration Test Set (MTS ME 3.3)

The Energy Meter Calibration Test Set (MTS ME 3.3) is meant for on-site and in-lab testing of the electric power meters in automated settings. The Energy Meter Calibration Test Set (MTS ME 3.3) includes a reference standard meter, waveform generator, pulse sensors, and requisite software, with an accuracy class of 0.05 and 0.1. The company offers portable test systems and it is a major Exporter and Supplier of Energy Meter Calibration Test Set (MTS ME 3.3).


Functions :

  • The MTS ME 3.3 is applicable for conducting automated on-site or lab testing of measuring equipment used in power industry, including:
  • Single- or three-phase watt-meters, VAR -metes, phase-angle and frequency meters;
  • Single- or three-phase transformer-type meters of electric energy (Class 0.5S or less accurate);
  • Voltmeters and ammeters.
  • PQP analyzers by IEC61000-4-30


 Application :

  • National centers for testing and certification;
  • Industrial metrological labs on power supplier/consumer side;
  • ME-Audit high-voltage mobile laboratories (HML).

Delivery Package

  • Portable instrument:Energomonitor 3.3T1-CorEnergomonitor 3.1.KM;
  • Portable instrument:Energoforma 3.3Programmable Phantom Power source (380 V; 7 A);
  • Dedicated software:EnergoformaandMeasuring Instruments Energomonitoring (EMCounter).

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