Power Transformer Short Circuit Impedance Tester

The instrument is equipped with adjustable power supply output, regardless of single-phase, three-phase transformer, only need connect one time, the instrument can be completed on all measurement, testing of winding pairs ,wiring simple.

The instrument adopts the technology of phase locked loop, sampling the AC signal synchronously and measuring the data accurately.
ΓΆ—† The instrument can measure voltage, current, power, frequency, etc..
ΓΆ—† Single machine to measure voltage, current wide range, support external CT, PT to further expand the measurement range.
ΓΆ—† Built in memory, can store the measurement data for a long time.
ΓΆ—† Test data can be imported into the computer for further analysis or storage.
ΓΆ—† All English menu and operation tips, simple and intuitive operation.
ΓΆ—† Through the large LCD screen, can be clearly displayed in direct sunlight.

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