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Electrical maintenance engineers always need to test the electrical equipment periodically during annual maintenance or planned maintenance or unplanned maintenance. 

Traditionally manufacturers of testing instruments have developed special purpose testing instruments for testing specific equipment. For example for testing electromechanical relays or numerical relays - Automatic numerical relay test kits were developed. For testing circuit breakers  circuit breaker time interval meters , contact resistance meters, and circuit breaker analyzers.

For Transformer testing depending on different tests to be conducted , winding resistance meters, ratio testers, burden testers, polarity testers, impedance testers were developed.

Some times carrying all such instruments to the field  is not practical due to different reasons. 

Many maintenance engineers were looking for all in one testing instrument that is not only capable of testing protective relays but also circuit breakers, power transformers, current transformers, transducers and meters .

Are you one of such professionals who are looking for such relay and protective equipment tester at affordable cost?

Visit our website and send us your contact details and we shall discuss with you on fulfilling your requirement.

Here are some features of software of such relay tester.

  • Tests wide range of Electromechanical and numerical relays.
  • Can read , edit and create Xrio and rio files.
  • Transient testing.
  • Perform tests automatically.
  • Suitable for point to point or end to end testing.
  • Report generation
  • XP,8,10 compatible
  • Android and iOS app supported
  • Test sheets of different companies are automatically filled out.
  • Online support through video libraries.

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