Economical Three Phase Relay Test Set (MC 3000 Series)

Having expertise in this domain, we share a forefront for exporting and supplying of Economical Three Phase Relay Test Set (MC 3000 Series) in Maharashtra, India. The entire product range is procured from the certified vendors, thus stands tall on quality parameters. One can acquire Relay Test Set in different configuration, at feasible prices. With us, stay assured for timely deliveries.


More about Economical Three Phase Relay Test Set (MC 3000 Series)
MC3000 Series is specially developed for buyers looking for a relay test kit having all necessary features for testing protection relays of modern times and is still affordable.

MC3000 Series Relay test kits can easily test all types of relays such as over current, earth fault, directional over current, over voltage, under frequency, df/dt, over voltage, under voltage, differential and distance protection schemes etc.

Output sources can be selected prior to order. MC3000 current sources can be 30 A or  40 A. User can select to order three current sources or four as required. Our Three phase relay test kit simulates a fault condition and checks the response of the relay for the fault condition. Each current and voltage generator is independent of other generators and has a common neutral. Amplitude, phase angle and frequency can be independently controlled for each generator. MC3000 series has built in large screen LCD where readymade quick check test modules are available. All the generator outputs are overload and short circuit protected .On board auxiliary dc output is also available the test parameters can be set using front panel keyboard or by rotating mouse on the front panel. Optionally MC3000 Relay test kit can be controlled through external laptop through a user friendly MCWIN Relay Test Software.


Configurations :

  • MC3000A : 6 X 30 A  4 X 0-125 V OR 6 X 30 A 4 X 0-300V
  • MC3000AI : 6 X 40 A  4 X 0-125 V OR 6 X 40 A 4 X 0-300V
  • MC3000B : 6 X 30 A 6 X 0-125V OR 6 X 30A 6 X 0-300V
  • MC3000BI : 6 X 40 A 6 X 0-125V OR 6 X 40A 6 X 0-300V
  • MC3000C : 3 X 30 A 4 X 0-125V OR  3 X 30 A 4 X 0-300V
  • MC3000CI : 3X 40 A 4 X 0-125V OR  3 X 40 A 4 X 0-300V

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