Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

We are an Exporter and Supplier of Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester that is microcomputer controlled. It facilitates automatic detection, automatic stirring, automatic handling, automatic printing, data storage, and many other functions. The Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester has the advantage of electric-mechanic interlocking protection, grounding protection etc. Further, our Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester is greatly appreciated for high testing accuracy, convenient operation, safety, and reliability.

Oil Testing Procedure :

  • To assess the insulating property of dielectric transformer oil, a sample of the transformer oil is taken and itsbreakdown voltageis measured.
  • The transformer oil is filled in the vessel of the testing device. Two standard-compliant test electrodes with a typical clearance of 2.5mm are surrounded by the dielectric oil.
  • A test voltage is applied to the electrodes and is continuously increased up to the breakdown voltage with a constant, standard-compliantslew rateof 2 kV/s.
  • At a certain voltage level breakdown occurs in anelectric arc, leading to a collapse of the test voltage.
  • An instant after ignition of the arc, the test voltage is switched off automatically by the testing device. Ultra-fast switch off is highly desirable, as the carbonization due to the electric arc must be limited to keep the additional pollution as low as possible.
  • The transformer oil testing device measures and reports theroot mean squarevalue of the breakdown voltage.
  • After the transformer oil test is completed, the insulation oil is stirred automatically and the test sequence is performed repeatedly. (Typically 5 Repetitions, depending on the standard)
  • As a result the breakdown voltage is calculated as mean value of the individual measurements.


Major Technical Specifications

  • Output Voltage : 0-80kV, (100 kV optional).
  • Resolution : 0.1KV
  • Measuring Accuracy :±( 2% ×reading+0.2kV)
  • Voltage Boosting Speed : 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0kV/S (Optional)
  • Breakdown cutting time : ≤1ms
  • Test Times : 6 times (Optional from 1 to 6 times)
  • Capacity of oil cup : 400ml 200 ml
  • Distance between electrodes 2.5mm (Clearance between electrodes is adjustable)

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