High Voltage Transducers

High Voltage Transducers

We are instrumental in offering high quality High Voltage Transducers. The High Voltage Transducers are meant for conversion of high-range AC voltages into low-range voltages on its output, with conversion factor held constant. Further, High Voltage Transducers are reasonably priced for which they are also appreciated.


CHVT Fields of Application:

  • Testing of service-class instrument voltage transformers rated to 6-330 kV. In this case the CHVT is used as a reference standard to Class 0.2 (or less accurate) converters of voltage;

  • Measurements within high range of voltage.

Models of CHVT


Weight and Dimensions


350*150 mm

up to 4 kg

CHVT-10-2 (to test one- and three-phase voltage transformers)

2 pcs. 350*150 mm

up to 8 kg

CHVT-35  (nominal voltage from 15 up to 24 кV can be added)

450*200 mm

up to 8 kg

CHVT-35-2  (to test one- and three-phase voltage transformers)

2 pcs. 450*200 mm

up to 16 kg

CHVT-110 (nominal voltage from 35 кV can be added)

650*280 mm

up to 25 kg

CHVT- 220 (nominal voltage from 110 кV can be added)

950*300 mm

up to 35 kg


1100*350 mm

up to 45 kg

CHVT Advantages:

  • CHVT is low-weight, space-saving equipment of reasonable cost;

  • CHVT makes it possible to measure PQ parameters on high voltage side;

  • Accuracy Class 0.05.

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